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Marine Corps Officer Job Descriptions

MOS 8850 -- Operations Analyst


MOS/Title: 8850 -- Operations Analyst

Type of Officer : All

Type of MOS : FMOS

Rank Range: N/A

Job Description: Operations analysts participate in studies and analyses of military operations, weapon systems, or organizations utilizing a variety of methodologies and automated tools in support of research and development activities, major headquarters staffs in the supporting establishment and operating forces, and the Joint Staff/Commands.

Job Requirements:

(1) Complete the Operations Analysis curriculum number 360 at the Naval Postgraduate School or equivalent postgraduate degree program at a comparable accredited institution.

(2) Prior mathematics background required.


(1) Participates in the following: construction of models, manual or computer, for analysis or comparison of military activities, operations, weapons systems, and force structures; the gathering of empirical data used in support of analysis, comparison, or war gaming of military activities, weapons systems and plans; and cost effectiveness studies to analyze weapons systems, operational concepts, and resource allocation.

(2) Conducts or participates in war gaming or simulation activities, including preparation of rules or flow charts, conduct of gaming or simulation, assessment of game moves or simulation steps, evaluation of results, and determination of measures of effectiveness.

(3) Develops and utilizes spreadsheet models in support of optimization, decision analysis, resource allocation, or other operational or management problem solving efforts.

(4) Develops and administers surveys using manual or automated instruments and analyzes and presents results.

(5) Retrieves data from diverse official databases, reduces and analyzes the data using automated tools in order to provide support for studies or satisfy the information requirements of the organization.

(6) Designs and conducts experiments and analyzes results using statistical tests and tools.

(7) Performs time series and trend analysis based on existing data to produce forecasts of future resources or requirements.

(8) Applies cost analysis techniques to perform cost comparison of alternatives.

(9) Performs technical liaison between military organizations and activities engaged in analytical or evaluation work and technical assistance to contractors supporting the military activity.

(10) Performs any or all of the above duties and tasks at research and development activities, management activities, or with operational units of the FMF.

Related Department of Labor Occupation Codes :

Operations Research Analyst 020.067018

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Above information derived from MCBUL 1200, part 1

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