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The nationally televised tour combines interviews with the troops and wrestling matches. The goal is to inform the public about the daily lives of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and the contributions they're making, Davis said.

This July, World Wrestling Entertainment is scheduled to visit troops on a "handshake tour." The tour, called "The Legends and Divas Tour," will chronicle legendary wrestling veterans Jimmy Hart and Ron Simmons and World Wrestling Entertainment "Raw" and "Smackdown" wrestlers Maria and Ashley as they visit troops in the Middle East.

"We're all looking forward to being able to celebrate our Independence Day with our troops," Davis said.

Last year, World Wrestling Entertainment also became a corporate team member of the America Supports You program.

World Wrestling Entertainment hopes to continue offering free tickets and other support to the men and women in uniform, both home and abroad.

"We're happy that we could identify something that we believe now will be a consistent way to show our thanks to the troops around the world, whether they're in the war zone or not," Davis said.

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