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The Mark 3 Knife - Used By U.S. Navy Seals

The Mark 3 Knife Is Popular Among Soldiers and Civilians


The Mark 3 Knife - Used By U.S. Navy Seals

One of the most enduring weapons of the U.S. military is the Mark 3 knife.

Entered Service in World War II

The Mark 3 knife is the standard issue knife of the U.S. Navy and U.S. Navy Seals. The first version of the weapon entered service with U.S. naval personnel during the Second World War. The Mark 3 is often referred to as a KA-BAR era knife. KA-BAR knives were utility knives issued to American soldiers during the Second World War.

The current Mark 3 knife features a 6.5 inch stainless steel blade, a saw tooth back, and a plastic handle. The knife can be used on enemy soldiers and for several other purposes – including using the butt as a hammer and the blade as a pry bar. The knife is popular among soldiers who claim that it is strong, durable and that the blade rarely rusts.

Popular with Civilians

The Mark 3 Knife is also popular among civilians, particularly campers and hunters. Versions of the knife can be found at retail stores and are widely available online. The knife’s appeal is also enhanced by its low price point of about $60.00. Older versions of the knife – including the Mark 2 and KA-BAR era knives - are considered collectors items and can cost a lot more money depending on the weapon’s condition. 

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