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Navy Limited Duty Officer Selection Program

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Service with the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, and/or may be credited to meet the minimal service requirement when it can be clearly documented, by the applicant, that service in another branch provided the requisite training, and expertise that directly relates to and parallels the needs and requirements of the naval service. If applicable, comments regarding experience gained in another branch of service, to include relation of the experience with the Navy's needs and requirements, should be included in the applicant's personal statement of the Officer Programs Application. The commanding officer will attest to such qualifications in his/her endorsing statement.

Senior enlisted in the following enlisted ratings, and CWOs with the CWO indicator shown, may apply for LDO status in the indicated LDO Designator (job):

Surface/Submarine Designators

  • LDO 611X/621X, Deck Officer -- Enlisted ratings of BM QM SM ET. To qualify, ET's must have QM Training. CWO 711X/721X, Boatswain. Normal color vision required.

  • LDO 612X, Operations Officer -- Enlisted ratings of OS CTT STG. CWO 712X, Operations Technician. Normal color vision required.

  • LDO 613X/623X, Engineering/Repair Officer -- Enlisted ratings of IC EN MM GS EM. CWO 713X/723X, Engineering Technician.

  • LDO 615X, Special Warfare Officer -- Any enlisted rating qualified in naval special warfare. CWO 715X, Special Warfare Technician. Normal color vision required.

  • LDO 616X/626X, Ordnance Officer -- FC GMG GMM GM FTG MT TM MM. MMs must possess NEC 4232 or 4233. CWO 716X/726X, Ordnance Technician. Normal color vision required.

  • LDO 618X/628X, Electronics Officer -- Enlisted ratings of ST STG FC FT ET CTT (with NEC 17XX). CWO 718X/728X, Electronics Technician.

  • LDO 619X, Communications Officer -- IT ET. Must have communications experience. CWO 719X, Communications Technician. Normal color vision required.
Aviation Designators
  • LDO 631X, Aviation Deck Officer -- Enlisted ratings of ABE ABF ABH AB. CWO 731X, Aviation Boatswain

  • LDO 632X, Aviation Operations Officer -- Enlisted rating of AW. CWO 732X, Aviation Operations Technician.

  • LDO 634X, Aviation Maintenance Officer -- Enlisted ratings of AD AME AM PR AS AZ AF. CWO 734X, Aviation Maintenance Technician.

  • LDO 636X, Aviation Ordnance Officer -- Enlisted rating of AO. Normal color vision required. CWO 736X, Aviation Ordnance Technician

  • LDO 638X, Aviation Electronics Officer -- Enlisted ratings of AV AT AE. WO 738X, Aviation Electronics Technician.

  • LDO 639X, Air Traffic Control Officer -- Enlisted ratings of AC.
Staff Designators
  • LDO 651X, Supply Officer -- Enlisted ratings of DK SH SK AK MS PC. CWO 751X, Supply Corps Warrant.

  • LDO 653X, Civil Engineer Corps Officer -- Enlisted ratings of BU CE CM UT UC EA EO SW CU EQ. CWO 753X, Civil Engineer Corps Warrant.
  • LDO 655X, Law Officer (Not a Lawyer) -- Enlisted rating LN.
General Series Designators
  • LDO 640X, Nuclear Power Officer -- Any enlisted rating qualified in nuclear power. CWO 740X, Nuclear Power Technician. Normal color vision required.

  • LDO 641X, Administration Officer -- Enlisted ratings of YN PN NC RP. CWO 741X, Ship's Clerk.

  • LDO 642X, Data Processing Officer -- Enlisted ratings of IT ET IS. Must have ADP maintenance/data base experience. CWO 742X, Data Processing Technician.

  • LDO 644X, Cryptologic Officer -- Enlisted ratings of CT IS. CWO 744X, Cryptologic Technician.

  • LDO 645X, Intelligence Officer -- Enlisted rating of IS. CWO 745X, Intelligence Technician.

  • LDO 646X, Meteorology/Oceanography Officer -- Enlisted rating of AG.

  • LDO 647X, Photography Officer -- Enlisted ratings of PH IS JO.

  • LWO 649X, Security Officer -- Enlisted rating of MA. CWO 749X, Security Technican.[/u]

    Application Procedures

    Applicants must fill out the Officer Programs Application form and submit it via their chain of command. SEE APPENDIX F of OPNAV OPNAVINST 1420.1 FOR MORE COMPLETE DETAILS ON SUBMITTING THE APPLICATION.

    Commanders will appoint a panel of commissioned officers to interview the applicant and review the applicant's qualifications. The panel will prepare a recommendation/non-recommendation for the commander's review/approval.

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