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NEC Codes -- SW 6010 Advanced Steelworker


NEC Designation:

NEC SW 6010 Advanced Steelworker


Employs the principles and techniques of foremanship, job planning, job control elements, and the responsibilities for safety. Works basic mathematical problems involving sheetmetal layout, strength of wire rope and fiber line. Repairs welding equipment, welds ferrous and nonferrous metals, wrinkle bends pipe, lays out, and prepares plate and pipe joints to be welded in the vertical and overhead positions. GMA/GTA welds nonferrous metals in the flat position.

Description (Con’t):

Knows the nomenclature of pontoons, butler buildings, steel towers, bolted steel tanks, and AM 2 aluminum airfield mats. Knows the procedures of assembly and disassembly of steel structures. Performs practical work in the field under supervision, estimates, and plans minor jobs as to material and personnel. Lays out and splices wire rope and applies wire rope attachment and lays out and fabricates sheetmetal parts and joins the parts by riveting, soldering, spotwelding, or seaming.

Qualification Data:

Source Rating(s): SW

Billet Paygrades: E5-E6

Personnel Paygrades: E5-E6

Course: Mandatory

Open to Women?: Yes


Reserve personnel may earn this NEC upon completion of the Personnel Readiness Capabilities Program (PRCP) equivalency skills listed in NAVFAC PUB P 458.

Information contained on this page is derived from the Navy Enlisted Manpower and Personnel Classifications and Occupational Standards Manual, Volume II, NAVPERS 18068F, which is the official manual for Navy Enlisted Classifications (NECs).

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