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NEC Codes - MT-3302 Nuclear Qualified Engineering Department Master Chief (EDMC)


NEC Designation:

NEC MT-3302 Nuclear Qualified Engineering Department Master Chief (EDMC)


Is the senior enlisted advisor to the respective command advising on proper administration and supervision of a nuclear propulsion plant. The RDMC assists the Engineering Officer in administering enlisted personnel, designating enlisted watch assignments, monitoring the qualification program of all nuclear trained operators, and acts as a liaison for the Engineering Department at the CPO level. Additionally, the NEC identifies those individuals with the skills necessary to perform as EDMC based on a TYCOM directed shipboard qualification process.

Qualification Data:

Source Rating(s): Nuclear trained MM, ET, EM

Billet Paygrades: E7-E9

Personnel Paygrades: E7-E9

Course: See Note 1

Open to Women?: No


Note 1. NEC awarded via completion of approved qualification process administered by USE and NAE with final screening and approval by Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (MPTandE), Nuclear Enlisted Program Manager (N133D). Note 2. Personnel must hold 3363, 3364, 3365, and 3366

Information contained on this page is derived from the Navy Enlisted Manpower and Personnel Classifications and Occupational Standards Manual, Volume II, NAVPERS 18068F, which is the official manual for Navy Enlisted Classifications (NECs).

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