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NEC Codes -- IT-2319 Communication System Technical Control Supervisor


NEC Designation:

NEC IT-2319 Communication System Technical Control Supervisor


Directs control, operation and patching of long-haul communications media (including satellite) and local circuits. Manages selection of transmitting, receiving and terminal equipment, use of cryptographic equipment including shifts and adjustments and all equipment on the air. Ensures reliable communications through familiarity with all possible combinations of antennas, transmitters, receivers, frequencies, and terminal equipment.

Description (Con’t):

Directs circuit and system performances tests, ensures that corrective action is taken in case of circuit outages and that control links and land lines are properly used. Coordinates operational changes on circuits with subscribers. Inspects and maintains logs and records of data pertinent to control center operations. Maintains watch to watch integrity of administrative, operational and cryptographic publications and materials.

Qualification Data:

Source Rating(s): IT

Billet Paygrades: E6-E7

Personnel Paygrades: E6-E7

Course: OJT

Open to Women?: Yes


1. NEC assignment is based on a minimum of one year supervisor experience as a IT-2318 at a NAVCAMS/ NAVCOMMSTA and/or ships with extensive ship-shore communication commitments such as LCC's, CV's, and other ships designated as major flag ships. Submit NAVPERS 1221/6 to PERS-4013D2 via COMNAVNETTOPSCOM (Code N12) with copies of service record page 4's and enlisted evaluations which document experience in tech control. 2. No new assignments to the NEC.

Information contained on this page is derived from the Navy Enlisted Manpower and Personnel Classifications and Occupational Standards Manual, Volume II, NAVPERS 18068F, which is the official manual for Navy Enlisted Classifications (NECs).

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