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NEC Codes - DT-8753 Dental Laboratory Technician, Advanced


NEC Designation:

NEC DT-8753 Dental Laboratory Technician, Advanced


Performs and supervises procedures and techniques required in the construction of complex and precision dental prostheses: fixed partial dentures, porcelain fused to metal systems, dental ceramic arts, precision attachment prostheses and the arrangements of artificial teeth for aesthetic, phonetic and functional requirements. Coordinates technical and clinical application and dental technology training.

Qualification Data:

Source Rating(s): DT

Billet Paygrades: E5-E8

Personnel Paygrades: E4-E8

Course: Mandatory

Open to Women?: Yes


NEC may be assigned to inactive duty Naval Reservists who: 1) have successfully completed a BUMED-recognized training program and/or is certified by the National Board for Certifying Dental Laboratory Technologists or Dental Assisting National Board, and 2) is a dental laboratory technician with documented current clinical competency.

Information contained on this page is derived from the Navy Enlisted Manpower and Personnel Classifications and Occupational Standards Manual, Volume II, NAVPERS 18068F, which is the official manual for Navy Enlisted Classifications (NECs).

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