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Cryptologic Technician

Navy NECs


The Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) system supplements the enlisted rating structure in identifying personnel on active or inactive duty and billets in manpower authorizations. NEC codes identify a non-rating wide skill, knowledge, aptitude, or qualification that must be documented to identify both people and billets for management purposes.

For example, if a Navy police officer ( MA -- Master at Arms ) receives specialized training as a K-9 Dog Handler, he/she would be awarded NEC MA-2005. From that point on, the sailor could be assigned to Navy law enforcement duties involving military working dogs.

Below are the NECs for the CRYPTOLOGIC TECHNICIAN community area:

CT-9102 National OPELINT Analyst (APPLIES TO: CTT)

CTM-9103 Fleet Cryptologic Systems Maintenance Technician (APPLIES TO: CTT)

CT-9105 C2 Tactical Analysis Technician (APPLIES TO: CTT)

CT-9124 Direct Support (DIRSUP)/Ships Signals Exploitation Equipment Operator (APPLIES TO: CTR)

CTR-9131 Combat Direction Finding System (AN/SRS 1) Operator (APPLIES TO: CTR)

CT-9132 Afloat Cryptologic Manager (APPLIES TO: CTR)

CT-9134 Subsurface Augmentee Operator (APPLIES TO: CTR, CTI)

CT-9135 Subsurface Augmentee ELINT Operator (APPLIES TO: CTT)

CTR-9136 Tactical Exploitation System (TES) Operator (APPLIES TO: CTR)

CT-9138 Journeyman Analysis and Reporting Specialist (APPLIES TO: CTR)

CTT-9141 Intermediate Technical ELINT (TECHELINT) Analysis Technician (APPLIES TO: CTT)

CTR-9147 Intermediate Signals Analyst (APPLIES TO: CTR)

CTR-9149 Advanced Signals Analyst (APPLIES TO: CTR)

CTR-9150 Maritime Cryptologic Systems (Ship's Signal Exploitation Equipment - SSEE) Operator (APPLIES TO: CTR)

CT-9168 Advance Non-communications Collection and Analysis Technician (APPLIES TO: CTT)

CTR-9169 Morse Code Intercept Operator (APPLIES TO: CTR)



CTO-9178 NEWSDEALER Communications Operator (APPLIES TO: CTO, IT)

CT0-9179 NEWSDEALER Managers Course (APPLIES TO: IT)

IT-9185 Fleet Integrated Cryptologic Communications Systems (APPLIES TO: IT)

CT-9190 Special Security Assistant (APPLIES TO: CTA, CTR, CTO)

CTI-9192 Basic Thai Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9193 Basic Indonesian Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9194 Basic Cambodian Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9195 Basic Burmese Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9196 Basic Maly Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9197 Basic Serbo Croatian Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9198 Basic Polish Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9202 Basic Tagalog Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9203 Basic Spanish Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9204 Basic French Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CT-9206 Master Cryptologic Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9207 Basic German Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9208 Basic Albanian Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9209 Basic Persian (Farsi) Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9211 Basic Chinese (Mandarin) Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9212 Basic Korean Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9213 Basic North Vietnamese Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9215 Basic Hebrew Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9216 Basic Arabic Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTM-9224 Tactical Exploitation System Maintenance (APPLIES TO: CTM)

CTM-9225 AN/SSQ-137 Ship's Signal Exploitation Equipment- SSEE Maintenance Technician (APPLIES TO: CTM)

CTM-9226 CLASSIC OWL Maintenance Technician (APPLIES TO: CTM)

CTM 9229 Submarine Carry on Equipment Technician (APPLIES TO: CTM)

CTI 9231 Basic Cryptolinguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI 9234 Multilingual-Cryptolinguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTM-9238 Submarine Carry on Equipment Maintenance Technician (APPLIES TO: CTM)

CTM-9285 HPW Fundamentals Technician (APPLIES TO: CTM)

CTM-9289 Combat Direction Finding System (SRS 1) Maintenance Technician (APPLIES TO: CTM)

CTM-9295 Network Systems Maintenance Technician (APPLIES TO: CTM)

CT-9301 Entry Level Programmer/Analyst (APPLIES TO: CTM, CTO, CTR, CTT, CTA, CTI )

CT-9302 Cryptologic Network Configuration Manager (APPLIES TO: CTM, CTO, CTR, CTT, CTA, CTI )

CT-9303 Communication Information Systems Course (APPLIES TO: CTO, CTM, IT )

CT-9304 Database Administrator (APPLIES TO: CTT, CTR, CTM, CTA )

CT-9305 Basic Digital Network Analysis (APPLIES TO: CTN)

CT-9306 Network Operations (NWO) (APPLIES TO: CTN)

CT-9307 Network Analysis and Reporting (NAR) (APPLIES TO: CTN)

CT-9308 Navy Interactive ON-NET Operator (APPLIES TO: CTN)

CT-9309 Navy Interactive ON-NET Operator Trainer (APPLIES TO: CTN)

CTI-9310 Basic Bulgarian Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI )

CTI-9311 Basic Georgian Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI )

CTI-9312 Basic Kurdish Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI )

CTI-9313 Basic Portuguese Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI )

CTI-9314 Basic Romanian Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI )

CTI-9315 Basic Ukrainian Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI )

9316 Basic Linguist (APPLIES TO ALL RATINGS)

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