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Navy Enlisted Classification Codes - 0346

AEGIS Console Operator Track 3


NEC Designation: 0346 - AEGIS Console Operator Track 3

Description: Will supervise and coordinate the operation of the AEGIS Combat System (ACS) and associated Combat Information Center (CIC) watchstanders in CG-47 Class Cruisers and DDG-51 Class Destroyers. This included Radar Systems AN/SPY-1B/D, Console and Display Group AN/Q-70, Link 4/11/16 Systems, and AN/UPX-29 IFF Systems.

Source Rating: OS

Course: Mandatory

Sequence Code: 4

Component NEC:

Primary Advisor: OPNAV (N96)

Billet Paygrades: E3-E9

CIN: S-221-0038

ESTB Date: REV Date: 4/10/12

Related NEC:

Technical Advisor: NAVSEA-05

Personnel Paygrades: E3-E9

CDP: 242S

NR Ind: N

Open to Women: Yes


NOTE: 1. This NEC code may be earned by completion of formal training course S-221-0038 or OJT with one year operational experience on the OJ-719/720 AEGIS computer console and AEGIS computer baseline 6.3; qualified as NAVEDTRA 43398-13 AEGIS Display System Operator (ADSO), and Surface Subsurface Warfare Supervisor (SWS). OJT based on Commanding Officer’s recommendation. 2. Submit NAVPERS 1221/6 to PERS-4013D2.




Information contained on this page is derived from the Volume II Navy Enlisted Classifications (NECs) NAVPERS 18068F October 2012, which is the official manual for Navy Enlisted Classifications (NECs).

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