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Navy-CASH Program
Navy College Assistance/Student Headstart Program
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The Navy-CASH Program is designed to allow enlistment to active duty of applicants who qualify for the Nuclear Field (NF), Submarine Electronics Computer Field (5YO-SECF), Advanced Electronics Field-Missile Technician (AEF-MT) rating, Advanced Technical Field-Cryptologic Technician Interpretive (ATF-CTI) rating, Advanced Electronics Field-Advanced Electronics Computer Field (AEF-AECF), Advanced Electronics Field-Electronics Warfare Technician (AEF-EW) rating, or Advanced Electronics Field-Sonar Technician Surface (AEF-STG) rating.

This program is designed to penetrate the high quality college, and college-bound, market and support placement in the Delayed Entry Program, especially hard to fill shipping months.

Selectees will enlist to active duty and receive pay and allowances (less uniform allowance) while attending an accredited college or university for up to 12 months. Enlistment will be in paygrade E-1 unless qualified for advanced paygrade.

Program Description

Basic Eligibility Requirements

(1) Be BEERS and program eligible in all respects for desired rating/program: Nuclear Field (NF), 5YO-SECF, AEF-MT, ATF-CTI, AEF-AECF, AEF-EW, or AEF-STG.

(2) If an applicant has not attended college, have a Final High School GPA of 2.8 or higher on a 4.0 scale.

(3) Be classified an Highschool Diploma Graduate.

(4) If a present or past college student, have a 2.5 GPA or higher on a 4.0 scale. All Navy-CASH students must maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher on a 4.0 scale each term to remain program eligible.

(5) While enrolled in Navy-CASH as a Nuclear Field Student, complete one college-level algebra course (or higher) and one physics based science course with a letter grade of C or better prior to reporting to RTC. For all other ratings, technical courses and courses which will improve the member's performance in Navy training are encouraged. Non-challenging course of study plans will not be approved.

(6) Enlist for a standard four year enlistment plus a concurrent extension of enlistment to equal the sum of that required for the rating/program plus the number of months spent in Navy-CASH. Example of a NF who goes to college for six months:
Four year enlistment
+ 24 month extension for NF
+ 6 month extension (time spent in Navy-CASH)
= Four year enlistment and a 30 month extension
(7) Maintain a full time student status, 12 semester hours (or equivalent) while in Navy-CASH.

Selection Process

After meeting Basic Eligibility Requirements, approval for the Navy-CASH program will be determined in a competitive process based upon “whole-person” qualification, quota availability, and shipping requirements to Recruit Training Command (RTC) (i.e., Navy Boot Camp). The length of time an applicant may attend school prior to RTC will depend on the applicant's qualifications. In no case will the time in Navy-CASH exceed 12 months.

Member Entitlements

Members will enlist on active duty and receive E-1 pay and allowances (except uniform allowance) and benefits including an Active Duty Identification Card and medical/dental treatment for themselves and eligible family members. Tuition, books and other school-related expenses are the member’s responsibility. Navy-CASH members are not entitled to Tuition Assistance. Navy-Cash members may be entitled to enter on active duty in an advanced paygrade and receive advancements in accordance with their specific enlistment program.

Members are eligible for enlistment incentives (Enlistment Bonus, Navy College Fund, Loan Repayment Program) in accordance with current directives. EB entitlement will be based on the date the member reports to Recruit Training Command (RTC) and the EB NAVADMIN message in effect at the time of DEP enlistment. College credits earned while in the Navy-CASH program do not count when determining the award level for EB Kicker.


The primary point of contact for Navy-CASH selectees is the Navy Recruiting Division (NRD) Advanced Programs Coordinator. NRD Commanding Officers are responsible for the oversight of these students as well as their training and career development until they report to RTC (Boot Camp). Specific Advanced Programs Coordinator responsibilities include:

(1) Assist members in completing their Course of Study Plan for entry into the program.

(2) Assist members in completing Navy-CASH application and request applicable waivers.

(3) Assist members in completing Program Service Agreement.

(4) If approved for Navy-CASH, direct members to establish a financial account with a banking institution of their choice, in order to establish a Direct Deposit System (DDS) pay account.

(5) Upon approval of the CASH application, applicant will receive initial orders for active duty assignment to the cognizant NRD and a Selectee's Responsibility Letter. The applicant should be scheduled for accession processing at the cognizant Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS). Applicant is required to go through the normal accession processing routine, to include Medical Inspection, Liaison Processing, ceremony for enlistment, and record "breakdown" performed by MEPS personnel. Ensure the member signs the Active Duty Orders, the Navy-CASH Selectee's Responsibilities Letter, and the Navy-CASH Service Agreement in addition to all other enlistment documents. Upon completion of record breakdown, the Navy-CASH selectee, along with their service record, is transported to the cognizant Personnel Support Detachment in order to complete all in-processing requirements, establish pay account, and obtain an Active Duty Identification Card.

(6) Once enlisted, each Navy-CASH student is contacted at least twice monthly. One of these contacts must be in person, face to face.

(7) Ensure members attend a monthly meeting for General Military Training (GMT) and academic review. Typically, this meeting should take place at the student’s school to minimize travel and time away from school duties. This also provides an opportunity for recruiters to contact potential Navy-CASH candidates.

(8) Act as a Pass Liaison Representative (PSD POC) to Navy-CASH members.

(9) Review student grades and records at the end of each term and forward quarterly/semester reports to Commander, Navy Recruiting. Failure to provide transcripts to Commander, Navy Recruiting in a timely fashion may result in early transfer of the member to RTC (Boot Camp). Advancement, if applicable, should be recommended by the AP Coordinator and final determination will be made by Commander, Navy Recruiting based on transcript review. Close monitoring and counseling is required to ensure required progress is made and to guarantee adherence to the approved plan. Any deviation from the approved course of study plan must be approved by Commander, Navy Recruiting.

(10) Ensure members maintain program eligibility for their rating. In the event a member becomes ineligible for accession while attending school, the Advanced Programs Coordinator must inform Commander, Navy Recruiting and submit required waivers as soon as practicable. Waiver criteria and submission procedures are the same as for personnel enrolled in the DEP.

(11) Ensure Navy-CASH members are briefed on the Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) and either elect or decline participation in the MGIB program.

(12) Within 30 days of enlistment, ensure members receive the following training:
(a) Navy Rights and Responsibilities.
(b) Sexual Harassment and Fraternization.
(c) Physical Readiness Program.
(d) Code of Conduct and UCMJ.
(e) Random Urinalysis Program, Zero Tolerance of Drug and Alcohol Abuse.

(13) Oversee administration of the semi-annual Physical Fitness Assessment and random drug testing for Navy-CASH. It is expected that random urinalysis testing will be conducted (under the direct supervision of the NRD Urinalysis Coordinator) during monthly visits to students.

(14) Within 30 days of member graduation or completion of Course of Study Plan, Advanced Programs Coordinators will assist in the issuance of orders to RTC (Maximum school attendance cannot exceed 12 months). If, for any reason, a student is unable to ship to RTC upon completion of Navy-CASH, Advanced Programs Coordinators must contact Commander, Navy Recruiting for guidance.

(15) Inform Commander, Navy Recruiting if Navy-CASH member is applying for selection to a Navy Officer Program.

(16) Once transfer orders to RTC have been obtained, the AP Coordinator is to liaison with the cognizant PSD to arrange travel for the Navy-CASH member to RTC. Ensure the member has service and medical records in hand when transferring to RTC.

Member's Responsibilities and Information.

Commander, Navy Recruiting will issue initial orders to selectees to report to the Navy Recruiting District (NRD) nearest their college for administrative purposes. Navy-CASH members are responsible for abiding by the terms of their contracts, maintaining eligibility for their enlistment program, meeting and maintaining Navy physical readiness standards, and notifying the NRD Commanding Officer of any change of status (including physical qualifications and civil or criminal involvement). Members are accountable for complying with all provisions of the UCMJ, but are not required to wear a uniform or maintain Navy grooming standards while serving in the Navy-CASH Program.

Upon completion of each school term, members must have official transcripts provided directly from their school to the responsible Navy Recruiting District for submission to Commander, Navy Recruiting. Members are not allowed to hand carry or provide their own transcripts. Failure to provide transcripts or evidence that transcripts have been tampered with, will result in disenrollment from Navy-CASH and transfer to RTC (boot camp).

Navy-CASH students are assigned to an NRD and may be employed (at the CO’s discretion) between semesters and while awaiting transfer to RTC. Navy-CASH members departing the area of residence/NRD are required to have approved leave on a Leave Request/Authorization Form (NAVCOMPT 3065).

Applicans must provide a Course of Study Plan, signed by an academic counselor, reflecting a course plan working toward an Associate's/Bachelor's Degree. There are no requirements regarding academic major, however, technical majors (mathematics, science or engineering) are preferred.

Members may not extend their projected Degree Completion Date or RTC reporting date, cease attending classes, enter exchange programs, or transfer schools without written approval of Commander, Navy Recruiting.

Member must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale each term to remain eligible. Based upon Commander, Navy Recruiting determination, members who are disenrolled from Navy-CASH or become ineligible for their rating may be ordered to recruit training or processed for discharge. Members who are no longer eligible for their rating prior to transferring to RTC will have their extension of enlistment (NAVPERS 1070/621) cancelled. However, if reclassified, they may be required to extend their enlistment at that time to meet the required service obligation for the new “A” School or program. Members who fail to maintain Navy retention standards prior to receipt of orders to RTC will be processed for discharge.

Members may apply for consideration and selection to any Navy commissioning program. Selection will be considered on a case basis.

Above Information Derived From COMNAVCRUITCOMINST 1130.8F


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