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Navy Recruiting Command


The U.S. Navy Recruiting Command, headquartered about 10 miles north of Memphis in Millington, Tenn., recruits both officers and enlisted personnel into the service’s regular and Reserve components. It also processes applications for the Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corps.

The Navy Recruiting Command was created April 6, 1971, in response to the end of the military draft during the Vietnam War. It reports to the chief of naval personnel, who is third in command in the naval hierarchy.

The command relies on more than 4,800 naval recruiters working in 26 recruiting districts in the United States. There are more than 1,400 recruiting stations in the continental U.S. and Guam, Puerto Rico and Europe.

Recruiters seek qualified sailors to fill more than 70 job descriptions, but they make a special push to find Navy SEALs, divers, hospital corpsmen, bomb defusers and special operations personnel, among others.

The Navy Recruiting Command Web site provides a wealth of information, including phone numbers and Internet addresses for individual recruiting districts. You can also find out what it takes to be recruited -- and what it takes to become a recruiter -- through the command’s site.

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