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Navy Exceeds FY 04 Recruiting Goals


Updated October 15, 2004
By Journalist 1st Class Sonja Chambers

MILLINGTON, TN. -- Navy Recruiting Command (CNRC) closed out another successful year of recruiting active-duty and Reserve Sailors Sept. 30, marking the 38th month of meeting active-duty enlisted accession and new contract objective goals.

CNRC met enlisted accession requirements for the fiscal year, accessing 39,677 active-duty recruits, with an annual target of between 39,600 and 39,725. Additionally, the command brought in 11,245 enlisted Reserve recruits in fiscal year 2004, exceeding an annual goal of 11,000.

"Navy Recruiting's unprecedented success is due to the superlative efforts of this total force recruiting team," said Rear Adm. Jeffrey L. Fowler, commander, Navy Recruiting Command. "I am proud of the hard-working active and Reserve recruiters who have met and surpassed the challenges that faced them this year. Navy Recruiting has become more effective and efficient, while continuing to meet the needs of the fleet. Once complete, consolidation of our active-duty and Reserve recruiting forces will also allow Navy Recruiting to return nearly 1,000 experienced Sailors to the fleet."

"This is quite an accomplishment, understanding that we're a nation at war and the competition out there is tougher and tougher," said William A. Navas Jr., Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Manpower and Reserve Affairs. Navas visited CNRC and participated in a bell-ringing ceremony that marked CNRC’s achieving both monthly and annual new contract objective and accession goals. "This means a lot of hard work by you here providing the resources and the guidance, but please pass [my congratulations] on to all those great recruiters that we have out there who are hitting the pavement every day."

Recruiters from all over the country have contributed to CNRC's success.

"It's been a neat experience for me, since it's been my first year out here," said Chief Cryptologic Technician (Communications) (SW) Brady Duff, a recruiter from Navy Recruiting Station Frankfort, Ky. "It's also been a challenge, but I'm glad that I got to be a part of it, especially since this is one of the toughest jobs in the Navy."

Among the programs CNRC implemented this year was the National Call to Service Program (NCS). The program, which allows recruits to enlist for a 15-month active-duty obligation after recruit training and "A" school, was so well received that it's being expanded for fiscal year (FY) '05. CNRC shipped nearly 1,000 NCS recruits this year, and has doubled the goal of NCS recruits to 2,000 for FY05.

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