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Navy / Coast Guard Humor

Navy Humor. Military jokes and humorous stories about and concerning the United States Navy.

1957 Date
A sailor goes on a date in 1957...

Admiral Rickover's Retirement
A special day/event in history...

Almost Perfect
A Fighter Pilot must be perfect.

Authentic Transcript?
Hmmm.....This appears to be an authentic transcript of the cockpit voice recorders for our E-3P which was shot down by China.....

Please don't eat the sailors...

Carrier Pilot's Diary
How a Navy carrier pilot spends his day.

Chicken Question
Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Coast Guard Assistance
You can always count on the Coast Guard for help...

Coast Guard Christmas
Twas the night before Christmas...

Be careful of "logic".....


Fire When Ready, Gridley
Concerning urinals on Navy ships....

Turn up the heat.

Letter to Oakley
Another wacky letter at sea...

Letter to Peter Pan
Peter Pan Peanut Butter helps the Navy...

Locating a Submarine
Various suggestions the Navy can use to locate enemy submarines...

Military Guarantee
The thing about guarantees is....

Modernizing the Navy
Imaging if political correctness all happened at once…

Navy Hospital
Is that sun burn cream in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?.....

Navy Navigation
Can you say, "Ooops?"

Navy Viewpoint
How a sailor views the other services...

Norfolk Local Information Briefing
(Un)official local area information briefing for new folks getting assigned to Norfolk.

Officer Training
Study-at-Home course to become a Surface Warfare or Supply Officer.

Old Sailor
When an Old Sailor and an Old Marine get to talking.

Politically Correct Navy
What happens when the Navy becomes "too PC."

Pretending You're in the Navy
Some ways to pretend that you're in the Navy...

Real Chiefs
Do real chiefs eat queeche?

Sailor in a Bar
Another sailor in a bar getting into trouble...

Sea Dynamics Question
Test your knowledge of the dynamics of the sea.

Sex on Submarines
If women are ever allowed on submarines, sex won't be a problem....

Ship's Navigator
Sure hope we can find our way to port...

...and what does THAT signal mean?


The Blood Test
Be careful of who you marry....

The Fighting Sailor
A sailor in Vietnam...

The Good Old Days
What did that sailor say???....

The Pacific Tour
Play that funky music....

The Snoring Cure
How to get a good night's sleep.

USS Clinton
What kind of Navy ship would be named after the former President?...

Who's Boat?
Who's boat is this, anyway?

You Might be a Coastie if:
You might be a "Coastie" if......

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