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Installation Overview --NAS Whiting Field


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Child Care
Installation Overview --NAS Whiting Field

NASWF Child Development Center

Photo courtesy U.S. Navy

The Whiting Field Child Development Center is located just outside the front gate in Building 36. The program offers developmental programs and activities for children 6 weeks to 5 years of age. Breakfast, lunch and light snacks are served daily. Both full time weekly care and drop-in care (space available basis) are available. The Whiting CDC can be reached at 850-623-7472.

The center is open Monday through Friday, 6 am - 4 pm. Fees are based on sliding scale and figured on total family income.

To enroll the you must supply the Child Development Program Request for Care Record (DD2606) to be used to apply for the Child Enrollment Waiting List (CEWL). A separate application must be completed for each child that you wish to place on the list. The waiting list is managed by the Regional Child Placement Office and allows you to receive waiting list services for the Nas Whiting Field Child Development Center.

Those applying for Priority 1 status (single or dual military) must also include a completed Family Care Plan, copy of Military page 2. Those applying for Priority 2 status (military w/ employed spouse) must include a spouse's verification of employment or up to date school registration.

There is no school age program at NAS Whiting Field, however there are various school age programs available through the Santa Rosa County community school system.

The Child Development Home (CDH) Program offers child care by certified military spouses in Navy Housing. The provider and their family's backgrounds are screened. Providers participate in training and have their homes inspected by Fire, Safety and Health Departments. Childcare is offered to children from 6 weeks to 12 years of age. Some homes offer drop-in, extended hour and evening care services.

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