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Installation Overview --NAS Whiting Field


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Temporary Lodging

There is no Navy Lodge at NAS Whiting Field. Most incoming personnel and their families stay at the Gateway Inns & Suites. Gateway Inns & Suites is the Consolidated Bachelor Housing aboard NAS Whiting Field. The complex houses both the Bachelor Officer Housing and the Bachelor Enlisted Housing.

If you are traveling with your family, limited temporary quarters are available in the Bachelor Quarters (BQ) at reasonable rates. Reservations are advised. The facilities are completely furnished two bedroom suites. You may make reservations by calling DSN 312-868-7605 or commercial 850-623-7605.

The Gateway Inns & Suites Consolidated Bachelor Quarters does not allow pets, but there are numerous Pet Boarding establishments in the Milton area.

Additional lodging is available in a short driving distance to NAS Whiting Field, but personnel are cautioned that motels can be expensive during the summer months due to tourists.

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