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Installation Overview --NAS Whiting Field


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Location/Driving Directions

NAS Whiting Field is located in the Northwest Florida Panhandle near the city of Milton. The Whiting Field/Milton area is noted for its pleasant overall quality of life and relaxed atmosphere. Located in Santa Rosa County, Milton along with neighboring City of Pace, has a large military retiree population and is considered a Military Town.

NAS Whiting Field is located approximately 28 miles from the Pensacola Regional Airport and about eight miles from Downtown Milton off of Highway 87. From Highway 90 in Downtown Milton take Highway 87 North to get to NAS Whiting Field.

The Pensacola Florida Regional Airport serves the NAS Whiting Field/Milton area. There is no shuttle service to and from the Airport. Taxi Service is available at the Airport and it will cost you approximately $50.00 to get to NAS Whiting Field.

When you arrive at the front gate, please have your military Identification card available and be prepared to show it to the gate guard. The gate guard will then direct you to the appropriate place to check in.

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