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Installation Overview --NAS Pensacola, Florida


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Temporary Lodging

Billeting is extremely limited at NAS Pensacola. Temporary lodging is provided for single military personnel E-4 and below, enlisted E-5 and above will have to reside in the community. There are no Geo Bachelor quarters available.

Billeting at the BOQ (Bachelor Officer Quarters) is also extremely limited due to a large influx of incoming military personnel. Incoming Officer rated personnel should contact the BOQ Office for space availability and description of rooms and services.

All single military members (enlisted and officer rates) must check in at the billeting office prior to arranging for any off-base housing. The BEQ (Bachelor Enlisted Quarters) billeting office is located in Barracks "E", Building 3910, at NATTC Complex.

BEQ rooms for E-4 and below are double occupancy and come equipped with microwave, TV, VCR, refrigerator, double dresser, armoire, and 2 double beds. E-5's and above should contact the BEQ office for space availability and description of room. E-4 AND ABOVE ARE ENCOURAGED TO RESIDE OFF BASE, due to limited berthing as a result of Hurricane Ivan.

All single service members seeking on-base quarters must check in at the Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQ) Office or the Bachelor Officer quarters (BOQ) as listed below. Single BAQ is authorized for all enlisted (with department approval) due to limited adequate quarters on base. Personnel must check with the Housing Welcome Center prior to procuring off-base housing.

It is highly recommended you make advanced reservations at the Navy Lodge, Blue Angel Park, or Oak Grove Park as soon as you learn you will need temporary quarters. Due to hurricane damages, disaster personnel still in the area, and tourist season temporary lodging is extremely limited. The Navy Lodge at Pensacola NAS consists of 102 air-conditioned units. Amenities include fully equipped kitchenette,air conditioning, FAX/Copy service, microwave and on-site laundry facilities. Highchairs, rollaways and cribs available. All units non-smoking. For Reservations call: 850-456-8676 .

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