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Installation Overview -- Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii


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Location/Driving Directions
Installation Overview -- Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii

Pearl Harbor is located 8 miles west of Honolulu, on the Island of O'ahu, one of eight islands that make up the State of Hawai'i. The main gate (commonly known as Nimitz Gate) is approximately 2 miles west of the Honolulu International Airport on Nimitz Highway.

You will be arriving at the Honolulu International Airport. If your sponsor is not meeting you at the airport, there are taxicabs just outside of the airport, car rental agencies in and around the airport complex, or you may choose to go to the USO Lounge located between baggage claim areas E & F. The USO staff will request a duty driver for you, or you may contact the quarterdeck yourself. It is recommended that you have transportation plans prior to arrival, as taxicab fare may be expensive.

Directions from the Airport to PEARL HARBOR: Take H-1 West, one freeway exit from the Honolulu International Airport, or you can go out of the airport and head west on Nimitz Highway about 2 miles to the main gate.

Directions from the Airport to NAVAL COMPUTER AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS AREA MASTER STATION, PACIFIC (NCTAMS): Take H-1 West approximately 7 miles to the H-2 North interchange. Take H-2 to the Wahiawa exit, proceed through the town of Wahiawa, then across the trestle bridge. The next traffic light, take a right onto Whitmore Avenue and continue 4 miles straight ahead to the main gate.

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