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Installation Overview --Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base New Orleans, LA


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Child Care
Installation Overview --Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base New Orleans, LA

CDC employees play with and care for toddlers at the NAS JRB Child Development Center.

Photo courtesy U.S. Navy

The New Orleans Child Development Center provides a planned program for children 6 weeks to 5 years of age. The CDC serves USDA approved meals.

Full day care is provided for up to 10 hours a day from 6:30 am - 5:30 pm. Hourly care is on a space available basis with advance registration. Costs are determined by household income levels.

Military dependents living in base housing and military dependents living off base are eligible. If you are a military dependent living off base and desire to do child-care in your home, please contact the Child Development Center at 504678-3654.

Families transitioning to the area who wish to enroll their children in the Child Development Center must complete a form to place the child on the waiting list. Forms may be faxed to 504-678-2090.

Children are enrolled as space becomes available in the program on a priority system. Priority is assigned based on the date the form is received and the family composition. Single parents and dual military families have the highest priorities.

There is an extensive waiting list for infants (3-6 month wait) and pre-school children (3-6 month wait).

Respite care is provided for children of personnel who are referred by the Fleet and Family Support Center Family Advocacy Program.

Weekly fees are based on the total annual family income, as regulated by the Department of Defense. Weekly patrons must provide the CDC with financial information and the most recent leave and earnings statements (LES) and/or paycheck stubs to determine weekly fees.

The Preschool Program follows the public school schedule. The four year old class is Mon - Fri from 8:00 am -1:00p.m. The child must be four by September 1.

After school child care programs are offered at most schools for children ages kindergarten through 12 years old. MWR Boys and Girls Club provides a summer camp for youths.

The Youth Program provides services for youth ages 6 - 12 years, offering a wide range of activities. Each program has been designed to enhance your child’s existing skills, promote physical fitness, encourage creativity, cultivate new interest areas, and develop lifelong recreation skills.

School-Age Care Program consists of Before & After School Programs, Summer Day Camp, Mini-Camp and special event activities. Indoor activities include group games, board games, figurine and doll play, puzzles, air hockey, video games, arts & crafts, indoor basketball and karaoke. Outdoor play activities include playground time, basketball, soccer, t-ball, flag football and four squares.

The Youth Center also offers special events, such as Kid's Night Out, Parent's Night Out, a base wide Easter Egg Hunt and other recreational activities.

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