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Installation Overview--Naval Construction Battalion Center, Gulfport, Mississipi


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There are currently no DODDS School on base. There are several public and private kindergartens, elementary, middle, high and vocational schools on the Gulf Coast.

Schools along the Mississippi Gulf Coast generally begin the second week in August and dismiss for summer at the end of May. To enroll your child in Mississippi Public Schools, you must present the following:

1. A Mississippi Compliance Form-take your child's shot record to the Harrison County Health Department (228863-1036), a community physician, or to the CBC Branch Medical Clinic Immunizations Section (228-871-2810, then press 5) to obtain a compliance form.
2. Child's social security card.
3. Certified copy of child's birth certificate.
4. Two proofs of residency-acceptable proof-deed, lease agreement, parent/guardian drivers license with Mississippi address, utility bills.
5. If you are entering school mid-year, we recommend you provide samples of your child's work from your most recent school. Also, report cards, progress reports, current IEP, withdrawal documentation from previous school, and standardized test scores if possible.

Contact the school's administration office to confirm what documents are needed for registration. Students transferring from a non-accredited school, or from home-school into Public School must take the appropriate placement tests as determined by school officials.

Age requirements for Mississippi Public schools by State Law are: Kindergarten -Child must be 5 years old prior to 1 September and First Grade - Child must be 6 years old prior to 1 September.

Children's shot records must be transferred to a MISSISSIPPI FORM 5 before the child can begin school. This can be done at the base Medical Clinic's immunization clinic. Bring the child's current shot record and medical records with you to accomplish the Form 5.

State Law requires that if you move out of a school district and you elect to keep your children in the previous district, then you must pay tuition.

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