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Installation Overview --Naval Air Station Key West, Florida


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There are no DOD schools in the Florida Keys. The Monroe County School District , includes 14 public schools located over a 103 mile stretch of islands, from Key West to Key Largo.

Most children of military families will be attending schools in the Lower Keys, from Key West to 16 miles north in Summerland Key. There are 4 public elementary schools (pre-k through grade 5) in the city of Key West, including one on the Sigsbee Annex Base. Key West also has one public elementary charter school, one middle school (grade 6 through 8) and one high school. The majority of elementary students will attend the elementary school in their residential zone. Children of active duty military living in military housing (Sigsbee, Trumbo and Truman Annex) usually attend Sigsbee Elementary School on the Sigsbee Base. Attendance at Montessori Elementary Charter School is based on a lottery. Once the lottery is held, children can be placed on a waiting list. Sugarloaf School, a pre-k through grade 8 public school, is located 16 miles north of Key West on Summerland Key.

For those relocating to Marathon or Islamorada, rather than Key West, call the Relocation Assistance -Information & Referral Program Specialist at 305-293-4408; DSN 312-483-4408 for school information for Coral Shores High School [Mile Marker (MM) 90]; Key Largo Elementary (Mile Marker 105), Marathon High School (MM50), Plantation Key Elementary/Middle School (MM90) or Stanley Switlik Elementary (MM48).

Private schools in Key West are faith-related and include Mary Immaculate School (pre-k through grade 8) and Grace Lutheran School (pre-k through grade 4).

Home Education is a parent-directed education alternative. A Home Education Program, as defined in Section 1002.01(1), Florida Statutes, is the "sequentially progressive instruction of a student directed by his or her parent or guardian." The Florida Department of Education provides technical assistance, information and materials on home education to school districts and parents. For more information regarding home education, contact the Monroe County School District Student Services office at 305-293-1400 x53369. For toll free parent information, call 1-800-447-1636.

The 2008 Florida Legislature created the School District Virtual Instruction Program requiring school districts to offer a virtual instruction program for students in grades K-12. Visit the web site for information about this new option.

Students entering pre-kindergarten classes must be 4 years old on or before September first. Students entering kindergarten must be 5 years old on or before September 1. To enter first grade, students must be 6 years old on or before September 1, and should have successfully completed kindergarten.

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