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Installation Overview --Naval Air Station Key West, Florida


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Installation Overview --Naval Air Station Key West, Florida

Peary Court, Designated for junior enlisted residents

Photo courtesy U.S. Navy

Naval Air Station Key West housing is a Public Private Venture Project and is operated by Balfour Beatty Communities. NAS Key West has 895 homes spread out in five neighborhoods with a variety of recreational amenities and opportunities to enjoy.

Housing waiting list for most housing may be only a few days or up to four weeks. Most housing units are limited in space (900-1200 square feet). If you have large or lots of furniture you may want to consider keeping it in storage while in Key West. NAS Key West will not be able to provide storage for household goods if housing is not available the day you arrive.

It is recommended that personnel with orders to Key West contact the Housing Office. Submit a housing application (DD Form 1746), a copy of your page two for family member information, a copy of your orders and your detaching endorsement to be placed on the waiting list. IMPORTANT you must have that detachment endorsement.

If you have pets make prior arrangements before coming to Key West, boarding pets can be very expensive.

Single enlisted members in grades of E-1 through E-6 will be referred to their unit of assignment and given quarters.

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