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Installation Overview --Pacific Missile Range Facility Barking Sands, Hawaii


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Medical Care

The PMRF Medical Department consists of One Independent Duty Hospital Corpsman. There is no medical officer, no dental officer or nurse. The clinic consists of an Admin office, a small treatment room, a minor laboratory capable of doing routine tests and a small pharmacy stocked with antibiotics, decongestants and antihistamine. No X-ray facilities are available on base.

There are two types of medical services offered at PMRF Barking Sands: a) active duty personnel and b) family members.

Routine sick call, minor emergencies, and general health maintenance are offered on base for active duty personnel. Some conditions requiring extensive treatment or X-rays may be referred to the local community hospital or medical clinic.

Major emergencies will be seen at the nearest hospital which is approximately 10 miles from the base. In the case of emergencies requiring hospitalization, or the need for a specialist, you would be stabilized at PMRF and flown by MEDEVAC to Tripler Army Medical Center on the island of Oahu.

Dental Care is available on the island in case of emergency. Routine dental care will be accomplished during one of the quarterly visits to PMRF by Dental personnel from the Naval Regional Dental Clinic, Pearl Harbor.

There are no specialty services available for Active Duty on Kauai. These are all scheduled by appointment in Oahu.

Provided that Family Member Entry Approval is obtained, all medical care is available through TRICARE only. The IDC on base is NOT authorized to treat family members, no matter how minor the situation is. While most services are available on Kauai, it is quite limited, a few dentists accept the Family Member Dental Plan so enrollment in the plan is highly recommended.

As you can see, for the health and welfare of you and your family members, overseas screening is critical. A simple review of medical dental records is insufficient. The existence of a medical problem, no matter how slight, needs to be brought to the attention of the overseas screener. Certain facilities may not be available for your medical condition, therefore limiting your medical care.

You, as a sponsor of your family members, should request and interview with a member of your current medical department to ensure suitability for assignment on Kauai. It is also recommended that you familiarize yourself with TRICARE prior to departure from your current duty station.

If you have any questions, you should contact this Medical Department at: Commercial (808)335-4203 or DSN (315) 471-6203.

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