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Installation Overview --Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Japan


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Location/Driving Directions
Installation Overview --Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Japan

Yokosuka City is located about 30 miles southwest of Japan's capital city, Tokyo, on the east coast of the main island, Honshu.

If you are arriving at Yokota Air Force Base via an Air Mobility Command (AMC) flight:

AMC flights from the U.S. arrive at Yokota Air Force Base several days a week. Whenever an inbound flight is scheduled, Navy buses are assigned to transport passengers to Yokosuka Naval Base.

There is no direct charge to ride the Navy bus from Yokota to Yokosuka. The cost of this bus transportation will be charged to your orders if you are on official travel (such as PCS or TAD.) Be sure to have several copies of your orders with you, in case they are asked for. This policy may change without notice.

If arriving via COMMERCIAL AIR at Narita/New Tokyo International Airport:

Buses to Yokosuka are scheduled to depart the parking area near Narita Terminal One at the following times daily: 1530, 1730 and 1900. These are coach buses with a maximum seating capacity of 41 passengers. The buses run 365 days a year. There is a charge to utilize government bus transportation from Narita to Yokosuka, for personnel under orders only (including TAD orders.) This charge DOES NOT come out of your pocket; it is charged against your orders. MAKE SURE you have an extra copy of your orders to give to the transportation liaison person on duty, or the van driver, if necessary. The actual amount charged against your orders is currently $29 per person. You or your SPONSOR can (and SHOULD!) make advance reservations for the shuttle bus/van to the base.

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