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Installation Overview --Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Washington


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Installation Overview --Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Washington
Photo courtesy U.S. Navy

You must report to the Navy Housing Office (NHO) within 30 days of arriving at NAS Whidbey Island.

Under a Department of Defense Public Private Venture initiative, military housing in the Pacific Northwest region is privatized. There are currently over 1,700 housing units available. Maylor Point, Forbes Point, and Coral Sea Housing are the only housing areas located onboard the installation on the Seaplane Base. All other housing areas are located off base on government property. Whidbey Apartments and the farm houses are located just outside the gated area of the main base.

Average wait times vary according to bedroom entitlement and availability of units within each zoned area. Military personnel, E1 and above, with accompanying family members, are eligible to apply for PPV housing.

Exceptional Family Members categorized at levels 4 or 5 are eligible for priority housing with control dates directly below the freeze zone (top 10% of any waitlist).

You will need to complete a housing application and the Registered Sex Offender Addendum (RSO). The NHO will need a copy of your Page 2 (Record of Emergency Data Sheet) and a full copy of your orders with detaching endorsement. Once all documents are received, you will then be placed on the appropriate waiting list according to either your detachment date from your previous duty station or the date your application was received in the office, if not received within 30 days of your report date.

Applications can be sent in advance and are available online. However, you will need to visit your local NHO within 30 days of arrival to ensure your application has been activated and bring in your detaching endorsement.

Service members checking into Bachelor Housing (BH) must report to the Navy Gateway Inns and Suites front desk located at the McCormick Lodge, Building 973, to check-in and get a room key. This facility is open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Single personnel E-3 and below are housed in the Bachelor Housing (BH). There are NO Bachelor Officer Quarters (BOQ) facilities. There are 11 BEQ buildings onboard NAS Whidbey Island with a variety of room styles and are within walking distance of the galley, flight line, and recreation facilities. The Front Desk for Check-In and Out is adjacent to the Officer's Club and the Naval Hospital Oak Harbor.

All single E-3 and below MUST reside in BH. Single E-4 and above are not required to live in BH. To live off-base rather than in the BH, you must run a chit through your command, requesting BAH and the BH Administrative Office. PPV housing is an option for single active duty service members if available; however, families do have priority. Geographical bachelors are considered on a case-by-case basis and must have command approved Geo Bachelor Package.

It is strongly recommended you submit your application for Geo Bachelor before you arrive, alleviating the need for temporary lodging reservations.

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