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Installation Overview --U.S. Naval Academy, Maryland


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There are no DoD schools at the Annapolis Area Complex (Naval Academy, Naval Support Activity, and tenant commands.) Your children will attend Anne Arundel County schools. Anne Arundel County has many educational opportunities for preschoolers through adults with at least 130 accredited public and private institutions. Anne Arundel's public schools system is ranked one of the top in the nation. For information on the procedure for early admission of children under the age of six to first grade, please contact your school principal.

Anne Arundel County Public School (AACPS) offers both Magnet and International Baccalaureate programs. New programs are being added; contact AACPS for the most current information.

If you are interested in Home Schooling, contact the Home Schooling Coordinator at 410-222-5457.

The School Liaison Officer is the primary point of contact between the military installation, the local school administration, including the Department of Defense Education Agency (DoDEA) Schools, parents, and the community at large. The Navy School Liaison Officer program helps installation and regional commanders work with state departments of education and local school districts to ensure school personnel are aware of the stress on military families brought on by frequent transitions and extended deployments.Parents with questions on school-age child education are encouraged to contact the installation School Liaison Officer at 410-293-2641.

There are more than 60 private schools in the county offering a wide variety of programs. A partial listing of private schools in the area may be found on the state's website .

There are 2 centers of applied technology that provide specialized instruction in career and technology education, including trades, cosmetology, and nursing.

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