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Installation Overview -- Naval Support Activity Souda Bay,Crete,Greece


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Installation Overview -- Naval Support Activity Souda Bay,Crete,Greece

The mountains surrounding Souda Bay, Crete, are visible from the fantail of the flight deck of the nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN 65) as it approaches the pier for a port visit.

Photo courtesy U.S. Navy; photo by: Photographer's Mate 3rd Class Jason W. Pfiester

The NSA Housing Office maintains a current list of apartments and houses available for rent in the local area. Housing will also assist with your Greek/American housing lease. A supply of U.S. government furniture items and appliances are available for sign out for the period of your tour.

You must report to the housing office within 3 days of your arrival. You are authorized 30 days of Temporary Lodging Allowance per local instruction, commencing on your arrival date. You are required to attend showing runs weekly in order to receive your TLA. The housing department has a large supply of houses and apartments for lease in the local area and you should be able to find a home, sign a lease and move-in with the 30 day period.

Bachelor Quarters are available for E-4 and below. Permanent party rooms come equipped with microwave and refrigerator in addition to normal accruements.

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