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Installation Overview --Commander Fleet Activities Sasebo, Japan


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Installation Overview --Commander Fleet Activities Sasebo, Japan

A view of main base from one of the many mountains located in Sasebo.

Photo courtesy U.S. Navy

Commander, Fleet Activities Sasebo (CFAS) is a United States Navy naval base, in Sasebo, Japan, which provides facilities for the logistic support of forward-deployed units and visiting operating forces of the United States Pacific Fleet and designated tenant activities. Commander, Fleet Activities Sasebo co-exists with the host nation's Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF) and is located on Japan's southernmost island of Kyushu. The important bi-lateral relationship between Japan and the United States that exists today is evident at U.S. Fleet Activities Sasebo where ships of the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force and the United States Seventh Fleet share this excellent port facility.

Sasebo has been an important naval base since 1883, when Lieutenant Commander Heihachiro nominated the tiny fishing village to form the nucleus of a mighty base for the Imperial Japanese Navy. In 1904, ships of the Japanese Navy under Admiral Togo sailed from Sasebo to take on the Russian Baltic Fleet. Admiral Togo's victory at the Battle of the Tsushima Straits is a classic engagement in naval history. In September 1945, the U.S. Marine Corps' Fifth Division landed at Sasebo, and in June 1946, U.S. Fleet Activities Sasebo was established.

Fleet Activities Sasebo continues to support ships of the U.S. Seventh Fleet. Service Force ships as well as mine sweeps make Sasebo their homeport. U.S. Fleet Activities Sasebo provides logistic support to the expanded Seventh Fleet.

Official website of Commander, Fleet Activities Sasebo

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