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Installation Overview --Naval Station Rota, Spain


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Installation Overview --Naval Station Rota, Spain

David Glasgow Farragut Elementary School Science Fair

Photo courtesy U.S. Navy

Education from kindergarten through 12th grade is provided for eligible family members at NS Rota at the David Glasgow Farragut (DGF) Elementary and High Schools, located in the housing area on base. Kindergartners must be five years old and 1st graders must be six years old by September 1st.

For proof of age you will need birth certificates for school entry in the first grade and Kindergarten. Ask the school that your children now attend to forward transcripts of your children's schoolwork and their scores on standardized test. Bring all of your children's other records, as they will suffice until official transcripts arrive from the school.

The addresses for the schools are:

DGF Rota Elementary School
PSC 819 Box 19
FPO AE 09645-0005

DGF Rota High School
PSC 819 Box 63
FPO AE 09645-7000

Prior to enrollment, dependent children (including preschool children who may not have received all required doses) are required to have the following immunizations:

- Hepatitis B (Hep B)
- Diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and pertussis vaccine (acellular (DyaP) is preferred over whole cell (DPT) for all doses in the series)
- Hemophilus influenza type B (Hib)
- Poliovirus (combination of injectable (IPV) and oral OPV is preferred)
- Measles-mumps-rubella (MMR)
- Varicella (Var)

A child with a medical contraindication to one or more vaccines may be exempt from this requirement. The parent or guardian must present a statement from a licensed physician, nurse, nurse practitioner, or other health care professional that the physical condition of the child is such that the administration of one or more of the required immunizing agents is contraindicated and whether the condition is permanent or temporary.

Except for the English Center located outside the naval complex, the education in the neighboring cities is Spanish. Through the Navy College Office, military personnel, civilians, and dependents are able to earn a high school diploma equivalency through the GED exam, a vocational/technical certificate, and a college degree. There are 4 accredited schools and universities. The four institutions of higher education are members of the Servicemembers Opportunity College, which can make it easier for students to complete degree requirements as they change duty stations. Education through correspondence for high school and college credit is available. Financial assistance is currently available via Veterans Administration education benefits or Navy Tuition Assistance. The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society has initiated a Spousal Tuition Assistance Program (STAP). For more information on this particular program, contact the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society.

The Navy College Office provides testing for high school equivalency certificates, college entrance exams, college credit, and technical certification. They have counselors who can help evaluate military service experience for college credit and academic counseling. These services are open to everyone at Naval Station Rota.

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