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Installation Overview --Naval Station Rota, Spain


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Installation Overview --Naval Station Rota, Spain

On base housing

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Assignment to family housing on base is mandatory for all incoming officer and enlisted personnel on accompanied tours, provided there are homes available for you based on your rank and family size. If there is no family housing available for you, you can go on a waiting list and find a home in the local community. Military personnel on unaccompanied orders in ranks E3 and below are required to live in the Bachelor Housing permanent party barracks upon arrival to Rota. E4 personnel are required to complete financial counseling prior to negotiating a lease agreement, however may look for homes with the Housing Department in the meantime.

On base, there are a total of 732 homes located on two sites, Las Palmeras and Las Flores. The Las Palmeras site contains 414 two, three, and four bedroom homes for officers, and two and three bedroom homes for enlisted personnel. These homes are single story units constructed in the "Spanish Style." The homes in this neighborhood come with electric ranges, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers. Each home has central heat and air conditioning, as well as cable connections for the on-base Armed Forces Network satellite service. Phone connections are also provided. All homes have exterior storage areas and fenced backyards.

Our Las Flores neighborhood contains a total of 320 three and four bedroom town homes designated for enlisted families. These two story homes, with community parking. Like the Las Palmeras homes, these town homes come equipped with an electric range, refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer. Cable and phone connections are also included. All backyards at Las Flores are fenced, and each home has an exterior storage room.

There is a limit of two pets in family housing (cats/dogs). Spain has a law regarding Dangerous Dogs. Contact your sponsor or the Rota Veterinary Clinic for details and requirements for bringing dangerous dogs into Spain.

There are many homes available on base for enlisted families, however most of the officer homes are occupied. We encourage you to contact us before you arrive to check on the current availability of family housing.

For Single Service Member/ Unaccompanied Personnel Housing there are 184 permanent party barracks rooms, in the 1+1 configuration. There is a shared bathroom, kitchen, washer and dryer per two bedrooms.

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