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Installation Overview --Naval Station Rota, Spain


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Installation Overview --Naval Station Rota, Spain

The air tower and Tetrapod ---The symbol of Naval Station Rota

Photo courtesy U.S. Navy

Naval Station Rota, Spain, the "Gateway to the Mediterranean", is strategically located near the Straits of Gibraltar and at the halfway point between the United States and Southwest Asia. Located in Rota, Spain, and near the Spanish town of El Puerto de Santa María, NavSta Rota is the largest American military community in Spain and houses US Navy Sailors, Marines, and their families. There are also small US Army and US Air Force contingents on the base.

Naval Station Rota provides support for U.S. and NATO ships; supports the safe and efficient movement of U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force flights and passengers; and provides cargo, fuel, and ammunition to units in the region. The Naval Station is the only base in the Mediterranean capable of supporting Amphibious Readiness Group post-deployment wash-downs. The base port also offers secure, pier side maintenance and backload facilities. Rota supports Amphibious Readiness Group (ARG) turnovers and hosts Sailors and Marines from visiting afloat units.

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