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Installation Overview --Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland


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Main Phone Numbers

To reach the NAS Patuxent River dispatch center in the event of a fire or police emergency callers using station phones must dial 2-3911.

Callers using cell phones, or phones that do not contain the 342, 757 or 995 prefixes must dial (301) 342-3911.

All numbers Area Code (301) unless otherwise indicated

Station Operator 342-3000

American Red Cross 342-4100

Branch Dental Clinic 342-1407/1408

Child Development Center 342-7636

Child Development Home Providers 342-3960

Command Career Counselor 342-1563

Command Duty Office 342-1096

Commissary 342-3789

Employee Relations 342-0943

IT IPD MAS Patuxent River 757-1694

Fleet and Family Support Center 342-4911

Gate One Pass and ID Office 757-1770/1771

Gate Two Pass and ID Office 342-3231/4509

NAS Patuxent River Chief of Police 757-4663

Housing Welcome Center 342-3846

Judge Advocate 342-7510

Legal Assistance Services 342-7643

Lincoln Military Housing 342-3847

Bachelor Housing 995-2753

Mattapany Day Camp 342-4800

Navy Exchange 342-0614

Navy Gateway Inns & Suites 342-3601

Naval Health Clinic 342-1418

Navy Lodge (800) NAVY INN

Navy Marine Corps Relief Society 342-4739

Personnel Support Detachment 342-7311/7315/7324

Personnel Property Office 757-9666

Inbound Household Goods 757-9659/60/61/62/64

Public Affairs Office 757-6748

Religious Programs 342-3811/3812

Veterinary Treatment Facility 342-4213

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