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Installation Overview --Naval Support Activity Panama City, Florida


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Medical Care

NSA Panama City has a small medical clinic, a detachment of the Pensacola Naval Hospital, and an outpatient VA Clinic. Pensacola Naval Hospital is located approximately 100 miles from Panama City. The clinic operates as a Primary care clinic with board certified providers and highly qualified team of staff members.

Services are for active duty service members and their family members enrolled in TRICARE prime. Appointments can be made by call toll-free 1-877-879-1621.

If you need immediate attention, you will need to go to the local emergency rooms. Bay County civilian community is served by two major medical facilities. Gulf Coast Medical Center, and Bay Medical Center. Call the nurse call center at NSAPC for Assistance 1-877-879-1621 (option 4). They will evaluate and treat minor emergencies, and refer for more extensive follow-up treatment if needed. If you are active duty and become ill after 4 pm and cannot wait until the following work day to be seen at the NSA Panama City Branch Medical Clinic, You may also call Tyndall's Primary Care it is available by appointment by calling 1-800-824-3454.

The Station's Dental Clinic is staffed with one dentist and two dental technicians, who provide dental services for active duty military members. For special cases, active duty members may be referred to Tyndall AFB or NAS Pensacola.

Due to active duty treatment requirements, family members and retirees are seen only on a stand-by basis. Family members should use the TRICARE - Family Member Dental Plan (FMDP). For retirees and their family members, there is the TRICARE retiree Dental Program.

Questions concerning enrollment in the TRICARE Family Member Dental Plan should be directed to the Branch Dental Clinic. They will assist you with your enrollment in this program.

Questions concerning treatment information, cost for dental services, list of dentists in local area or filing dental insurance claims and forms should also be directed to Clinic.

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