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Installation Overview --Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia


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Hampton Roads has many superior schools and specialty programs available to serve your children. There are several elementary, middle, or high schools, gifted/talented programs, magnet schools or special education centers locally available. Additionally, private schools, private pre-schools and kindergarten facilities throughout the region provide parents with various educational choices.

Newcomers and those registering their children for the first time are required by Virginia law to provide proof of immunizations against a number of contagious diseases. Children entering school up to the seventh grade must submit a birth certificate and have had a complete physical examination within the past twelve months.

Children entering kindergarten must be age 5 on or before 30 September of the enrollment year.

Contact the appropriate school system for additional information on registration requirements.

For a brochure listing the primary and secondary schools accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools, contact the Chamber of Commerce at (757) 622-2312. For additional information on private schools, consult the Virginia Department of Education or inquire at the church of your choice.

Please feel free to contact individual school district offices for information about specific academic or extracurricular activities.

If you plan to homeschool your child, you must notify Chesapeake Public Schools, in writing, of your intent. For more information on the application process and the Board of Education requirements for homeschooling, contact the Director of Student Enrollment at Chesapeake Public Schools at 547-0153. The "Bayith Educator: Hampton Roads Magazine For Homeschoolers" is a local publication for families that homeschool. It contains information on sports activities as well as state legislative updates, networking clubs and curriculums. The cost is $18.00/year and is published monthly during the school year and once during the summer. To subscribe contact the publisher, Cherie Moore, at 474-2634.

Readers Respond: Experiences at Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia

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