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Installation Overview --Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia


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Temporary Lodging
Installation Overview --Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia

Navy Lodge Damneck

Photo courtesy U.S. Navy

There are three options for temporary lodging for transferring service members and their families to NSA Oceana- Visitors Quarters, Navy Lodge or local hotels.

There are 7 Visitors Quarters Navy Inns and Suites in the Hampton Roads region. These facilities are available to both single and married service members and offer a variety of rooms: suites, single rooms, rooms with kitchenettes and rooms that are handicap accessible. For reservations and rates call 1-877 - ZUMWALT.

There are three Navy Lodges in the Hampton Roads area - Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek, Norfolk Naval Base, and Dam Neck Annex. Amenities include: kitchenette, free local telephone calls, cable tv, air conditioning, cribs and rollaways, and irons/ironing boards. Call 1-800-NAVY INN in advance to make reservations or make reservations online.

There are many hotels in the surrounding area. Room rates vary depending upon the hotel, size of the room and time of the year. Visit the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce website for more information on accommodations.

Reservations are accepted for all eligible personnel on an as-received basis. Official guests and visitors of the command may stay at the VQ and Navy Lodges. Reservations are to be made and guaranteed by the sponsor. Family members, staying at VQ and Navy Lodges without the military member, are required to show their identification at check-in. Guests of military personnel may stay at Navy Lodges provided the military member is present at check-in. Reservations and room assignments are made without regard to rank or rate, or time of reservations. You may make advance reservations based on your classification, keep in mind you may receive priority based on PCS orders.

It is recommended you make advance hotel/motel reservations in order to assure you have a place to stay while seeking permanent housing. The approximate cost of a unit at the VQ or Navy Lodge is $45.00 - $80.00 per day. Civilian hotels/motels are available in all price ranges. Many of them exceed the VQ and Navy Lodge especially in the summer months.

Length of stay will depends upon availability. Please contact the VQ, Navy Lodge or local hotel/motel for more information.

The Visitors Quarters will not accept pets however, the Navy Lodge accepts pets up to 50 pounds. Some of the local hotels will accept pets for an additional room fee.

Northwest has a campground where some families choose to stay. Stewart Campground is a rustic grassy area with a large enclosed pavilion, a smaller open pavilion, dump station, limited electrical hookups, access to water, and male/female restrooms with showers. Some tent sites deep in the woods. Campers have a choice of 18 campsites that can be reserved from Northwest MWR first weekend in April through September 30 by calling 757-421-8260.

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