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Installation Overview --NSA Northwest Annex, Virginia


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Medical Care

The Charette Health Center, Portsmouth (informally known as Portsmouth Naval Medical Center- NMCP) provides a comprehensive range of emergency, outpatient and inpatient health care services to active duty Navy and Marine Corps personnel, their families and the many retired military members in the Hampton Roads area (approximately 450,000 active duty, retired, and dependent military members are eligible to use this facility and its clinics).

There are 7 Branch Health clinics and 3 TRICARE Prime clinics, within the Hampton Roads region to meet the medical needs of service members and family members. Personnel should contact the health care facility nearest them to obtain information on the availability of services.

• Branch Health Clinic, NAS Oceana: 757-953-3933
• Branch Health Clinic, Dam Neck Annex: 757-953-9914
• Admiral Joel T. Boone Branch Health Clinic, NAB Little Creek: 757-953-8351
• Sewells Point Branch Health Clinic, Norfolk Naval Base: 757-953-9000
• Branch Health Clinic, Norfolk Naval Shipyard: 757-953-6500
• Branch Health Clinic, NSA Northwest Annex: 757-421-8220/1
• Branch Health Clinic, Yorktown Naval Weapons Station: 757-953-8454
• TRICARE Prime Clinic, Chesapeake: 757-953-6366
• TRICARE Prime Clinic, Northwest: 757-421-8220
• TRICARE Prime Clinic, Virginia Beach: 757-953-6708

All appointments are made through the TRICARE central phone number at 866-465-4584. Medical care services are offered on a priority basis. First priority of care is to active duty military. Second priority is to family members of active duty, with retired military and family members of retired military following in the eligibility chain.

Active Duty Personnel receive dental care at one of the branch dental clinics in the area:

• Naval Dental Clinic, Norfolk: 757-953-8526
• Branch Dental Clinic, Boone Health Clinic Little Creek: 757-953-8334
• Branch Dental Clinic, Health Clinic Naval Shipyard Norfolk:757-953-6509
• Branch Dental Clinic, Health Clinic NAS Oceana: 757-953-3910
• Branch Dental Clinic, Health Clinic Yorktown: 757-953-8454

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