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Installation Overview --NSA Northwest Annex, Virginia


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Installation Overview --NSA Northwest Annex, Virginia

Northwest Annex Housing

Photo courtesy U.S. Navy

Hampton Roads military families and eligible single service members (with dependents) may live in Private - Public Venture (PPV) privatized housing areas throughout the region. Housing is located in and around the base as well as privatized housing located in the local community.

All military personnel, married or single, reporting to sea or shore commands in the Hampton Roads area are required to report to the Regional Housing Referral Office in Norfolk before signing any agreement for non-government quarters. The Regional Housing Referral Office is authorized to maintain a signed acknowledgement of notification to military members of any housing areas restricted by sanction.

The Hampton Roads region has several housing areas. There are 18 enlisted housing areas with a total 3902 units, 6 officer housing areas with a total of 226 units and 37 flag officer units. The housing assignment is predicated upon your needs and availability. Wait time can be as little as 0-3 months, or as long as 18-24 months. For a current list of wait times go to the CNIC Housing Web site .

Priority of assignment to Government housing is determined by the date of detachment (control date) from your last permanent duty station, provided you check in and apply for government housing within the first thirty days after your arrival. If you complete the application after the thirty day window the control date becomes the date you turn in your application.

Single service members who are E4 over 4 on both shore and sea duty are authorized to reside in the local community and be paid BAH. E4 under 4 stationed ashore will stay in the barracks and be put on a waiting list until the BH manning reaches 95%. E4 under 4 may be eligible to reside out in town and receive BAH entitlements.

Single enlisted service members with at least 6 months left in service can move into the Hampton Roads Public/Private Venture (PPV) barracks. Service members having less than 6 months can move into navy operated barracks. Single sailors E4 under 4 who elect to reside in PPV housing will collect the higher rate of the partial BAH.

Newly reporting personnel should who are not sure where to check in or if their ship is not in port should report to the nearest Transient Personnel Unit (TPU) where the command is home-ported at their assigned base.

The phone number for Combined Bachelors Quarters is 1-877-986-9258.

Availability at enlisted barracks is on a space available basis. Currently the Enlisted barracks are at 95% capacity.

Single service members and geographic bachelors are strongly encouraged to check in with housing before starting an independent housing search. The housing office assists service members to find housing in the local community and offers information of the Rental Partnership Program (RPP). HRO has up-to-date listings of affordable apartments, condos and mobile homes as well as a data base of available houses for rent.

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