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Installation Overview --NSA Northwest Annex, Virginia


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Installation Overview --NSA Northwest Annex, Virginia

Northwest Annex Chapel

Photo courtesy U.S. Navy
NSA Northwest Annex is located in Chesapeake, Virginia on the border of North Carolina, 40 miles southwest of Virginia Beach, 35 miles south of Norfolk and Portsmouth. Approximately 2/3 of the land is located in Virginia, while the remaining 1/3 is in North Carolina. NSA Northwest Annex originated in 1955, as the U.S. Naval Radio Station as a receiving facility for naval activities. In 1970 it became a part of the Naval Communication Station Norfolk.

Northwest Annex’s mission is to coordinate and provide multi-service shore activity support to 12 tenant activities and to the operations forces. It provides environmental stewardship to the farm and wetlands in Southeastern corner of Virginia, and crypto logic support to global U.S. Navy.

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