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Installation Overview --NSA Naples Detachment, Gaeta, Italy


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Main Phone Numbers
Installation Overview --NSA Naples Detachment, Gaeta, Italy

Aviation Boatswain's Mate 2nd Class Chris Short communicates with maintenance personnel.

Photo courtesy U.S. Navy; photo by: Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Felicito A. Rustique


CDC Capodichino 626-5116

CDC Gricignano 629-4989

School Age Care / Youth Cntr 629-4722

Teen Center 629-4395

Youth Sports (cellular phone) 338-736-3720


After Hours Emergancies 626-5547

Assignments Office 629-4468 / 9

Contracts Office 629-4466

Warehouse (S. Site) 629-4242

Housing Assistance 629-4466


BEQ (Capodichino) Liberty Program 626-4896

BEQ (S. Site) 629-4019

Capo Inn 626-5250

Navy Lodge Front Desk 629-6289

Navy Lodge Guest 081-813-3443


Appointments (Capo) 626-4786

Appointments (S. Site) 629-6000

Dental Clinic (Capo) 626-4644

Dental Clinic (S. Site) 629-6007

EDIS Clinic 629-4676

Emergency Room 629-6150

Family Practice Desk 629-6271

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