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Installation Overview --National Naval Medical Center, Maryland


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The Naval Support Activity-Washington’s Family Housing office has a satellite office located at NNMC. This housing office maintains extensive lists of properties for sale or rent, including single-family homes, town homes, condos,and apartments as well as shared rooms and local hotel information.

The Rental Partnership Program (RPP) allows active duty service members to move into participating apartment communities without paying a security deposit. In most cases, the application fee is waived and rent is provided at a discounted price. Contact the housing office for additional information and a list of participating communities. You may also apply for on-base housing through the housing office. Housing information can also be obtained via the Internet at: www.housing.navy.mil

There are several Navy Family Housing on-base locations for military members and their families stationed in the Naval District Washington (NDW) region. The locations
are: Washington, D.C.
• Bellevue: 188, two-and three-bedroom town homes for enlisted personnel.

• Summerfield: 414 two-, three-, and four-bedroom units; apartments and town homes for enlisted personnel, and duplexes for officers.

• Woodbridge (approximately 35 miles from NNMC): 600 apartment units for enlisted and commissioned personnel.

Assignments for Naval and Marine service members should be made on a DoD Form 1746, and submitted with your PCS orders, a current “Page 2” and the detachment endorsement from your last duty station.
The service member’s application package may be faxed, mailed, or hand-carried to the Navy Family Housing office at NNMC or it may be provided directly to the Navy Family Housing Welcome Center, NSA-W, 2691 Mitscher Road, SW, Bldg. 414, Suite 100, Anacostia Annex, D.C. 20373. The Anacostia Annex Family Housing Welcome Center’s fax number is (202) 433-0587 and the toll-free phone number is (800) 210-0139.

The Navy Family Housing Anacostia Annex Welcome Center office handles all assignments to Navy quarters (on-base housing) in the NDW region.

NNMC Bachelor Housing (BH) information is supplied by the Combined Bachelor’s Quarters (CBD) upon check-in. For more information, call (301) 295-5855.

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