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Installation Overview --Naval District Washington


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Medical Care
Installation Overview --Naval District Washington

Bethesda Naval Medical Center

Medical care for family members and service members within the Military District Washington falls under the auspices of the TRICARE Program. Each family relocating to the Washington DC area needs to register for one of the TRICARE options in order to receive medical care.

The TRICARE Prime option allows family members to receive services at their local military clinic or hospital. Recipients of the TRICARE Prime option are able to choose the Military Treatment Facility (MTF) from which they want to receive services and may choose the facility closest to their homes, regardless of service branch. See your local military health clinic or hospital for a list of TRICARE registration sites.

Health Net Federal Services, Inc. is the new regional contractor providing health care services and network-provider support in the TRICARE North region.

There are several major Military Treatment Facilities throughout the National Capital Region. Through the TRICARE Prime program you can select the MTF that would best meet your needs. TRICARE Prime enrollees are given priority for all medical services. While non-TRICARE Prime enrollees may be entitled to medical care, services for them are provided on a space available basis only.

There are several Naval Medical Clinics available for active duty members. The Washington Navy Yard's Clinic is utilized by military members stationed at the Naval Support Activity and the Washington Navy Yard.

Active duty personnel are entitled to full, free dental care at military dental clinics and hospitals throughout the National Capital Region.

There are no dental services for family members on local military installations. Dental care for family members is available through the United Concordia Family Member Dental Plan.

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