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Installation Overview --Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC) Port Hueneme/Point Mugu


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Installation Overview --Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC) Port Hueneme/Point Mugu

Aviation Support Equipment Technician 2nd Class Jessica Segura listens as eighth-grader Jennie Acosta explains her experiment

Photo courtesy U.S. Navy; Photo by Andrea Howry / Lighthouse
Ventura County encompasses 21 school districts, 3 community colleges, and a four year university. The K-12 public school population has an enrollment of aproximately 140,000. There are no DOD schools on board Naval Base Ventura County.

Naval Base Ventura County is surrounded by several cities which house most of its personnel. Each of these cities-Camarillo, Oxnard, and Port Hueneme-has its own elementary school district or districts. All three are serviced by the same High School District.

Elementary school children living onboard Point Mugu attend Ocean View School District schools. Those living in housing in Camarillo attend Pleasant Valley School District schools. Those living in housing at Port Hueneme attend the Hueneme School District. People living off-base in the surrounding areas are serviced by several elementary districts. All children are bused to their schools on the Point Mugu site. Bus service around the county and at Port Hueneme varies depending on distance from the school. Lunch is provided at all schools at cost. Before and after school programs vary by school. The GATE program is offered for exceptional children and varies by school. Football, soccer, tennis, basketball, swimming is offered by most schools.

More specific information may be obtained by contacting the Ventura County Superintendent of Schools at 805-383-1900. This information can be obtained by calling any of the school districts listed or by contacting the Family Service Center, Relocation Counselor at 805-982-5037.

Naval Base Ventura County has within it's locality three community colleges. These colleges accept all military as "California residents" for the purpose of tuition and spouses of active duty are considered "California residents" for the first year of the sponsor's tour.

There are several colleges and universities in commutable distance of Naval Base Ventura County. The University of LaVerne and Embry Riddle have campuses onboard Point Mugu and the University of Phoenix has a campus onboard Port Hueneme. Active duty should get in touch with the Navy College Office at 805-989-8362 Point Mugu or 805-82-3940 Port Hueneme for assistance with educational requirements and questions.

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