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Installation Overview -- Naval Support Activity Mid-South, Tennessee


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Child Care
Installation Overview -- Naval Support Activity Mid-South, Tennessee

NSA Mid-South playground

Photo courtesy U.S. Navy

The Child Development Center at NSA Mid-South offers care for children, six weeks to five years of age. Full time, weekly care is offered, with hourly care provided on a space available/reservation basis. The Mid South CDC is located in Building S-780 and can be reached by calling 901-874-5745. The center is open Monday - Friday, 6:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Closed Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

Programs available include full time weekly care, drop in/hourly care and Preschool Program beginning at age 3.

All active duty, activated reserves, DoD and contract employees are eligible for the CDC services. Respite Care is not provided at this center.

A waiting list is established at the CDC with priority placement given to active duty. Infant care is provided from the time the infant is 6 weeks old.

Rates for care are based on a sliding scale and are figured by total family income.

There is a local resource for moms called midsouthmoms.com. It is a place where moms finds things to do, places to go, and connect with other moms. Midsouthmoms.com is your place to connect with: Playgroups/Mommy's Day Out , Daycares, Kid's Events, Parks and Playgrounds, Kid Friendly Restaurants and more.

A Child Development Home Program is available. Residents in government quarters, military (active and retired) and spouses off base in Shelby and Tipton county may be certified as a CDH provider. All persons who wish to care for children in their home on a regular and continuing basis must be certified by the CDH coordinator. Anyone looking for a care provider for their child/children may obtain a list of providers from the Child Development Center. For more details, call 901-874-5745.

School Age Care (SAC) is at the Navy Memphis Youth Center, Bldg. S-936, located on Savitz Road adjacent to Capehart Housing. They coordinate a year-round program to provide youth, ages 5-12, with activities to occupy their leisure time. The Youth Center telephone number is 901-874-5155. In addition to the youth center for before/after school care, many of the elementary schools offer this service as well.

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