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Installation Overview --Naval Air Station, Meridian, Mississippi


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Medical Care

Branch Medical Clinic, NAS Meridian, is part of the Naval Hospital Pensacola, Florida, branch medical system. The clinic offers a limited number of services, however, for its size, they are diverse. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 7 am until 4 pm. For an appointment, please call Central Appointment at 1-877-879-1621 Monday through Friday between 0600 and 2000; and Saturday and Sunday between 0700 and 1200.

The following is a list of medical services available at the clinic: * Ambulance service * acute minor illness clinic * military sick call * optometry * obstetrics/gynecology care * psychology * physical examinations * laboratory * pharmacy * radiology * preventative medicine * medical care for family members * pediatrics .

Appointments for all clinics are made through the Central Appointments clerk at 1-877-879-1621. For TRICARE Prime enrollees, expect to be offered a same day appointment if you call prior to 1030. Calls between 1030 and 1530 will either be seen that day or forwarded for triage by a registered nurse at the clinic.

The local TRICARE Service Center (TSC) for this area is located within Branch Medical Clinic Meridian. The TSC hours of operation are 0700-1600 Monday through Friday except normal federal holidays. All active duty personnel stationed in Meridian are enrolled into TRICARE Prime by completing an application form at the Meridian TSC. Active duty personnel also need to check in at Clinic Records. Prime enrollment for all other TRICARE eligible beneficiaries is available by visiting the Meridian TSC.

The Branch Dental Clinic, a modern facility within the Naval Branch Medical Clinic, provides general dental care and specialty services in oral surgery, prosthodontics, restorative dentistry, endodontics and periodontics for active duty military personnel.

Dental treatment for family members of active duty military personnel is limited to emergency care. Family members of active duty personnel are highly encouraged to enroll in the Family Member Dental Plan.

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