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Installation Overview --Naval Air Station, Meridian, Mississippi


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Child Care
Installation Overview --Naval Air Station, Meridian, Mississippi

View of the mdc at NAS Meridian, MS

Photo courtesy U.S. Navy
The Meridian Child Development Center (CDC) offers child care programs for children from age one through age five. The CDC is an accredited program through the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Child Development Homes (CDH) Program offers an opportunity for children to be cared for in a family situation, as well as a way for military spouses in NAS housing to start a career of their own. Navy Child Development Home providers can enjoy the satisfaction of self-employment, the convenience of working at home and the enjoyment of caring for children. After completing training in CPR, first aid, record keeping and child development, CDH providers can care for up to six children in their homes.

The School Age Care Program (SAC) offers before and after school care for children who are 5 through 12 years of age. SAC provides a safe environment where parents who work can drop their children off before work and pick them up afterward. The school bus picks the children up from SAC in the morning, takes them to school and brings them back in the afternoon. Hours of operation accommodate the local school calendar. During summer months and holidays, SAC offers day camps with a variety of activities including learning, games, swimming and field trips.

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