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Installation Overview --Naval Air Station, Meridian, Mississippi


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Installation Overview --Naval Air Station, Meridian, Mississippi

View of Capehart Housing

Photo courtesy U.S. Navy

The Family Housing Office is located in the Pine Crest Subdivision of Family Housing at 718 Gill Street. The hours of operation are 0700-1530, Monday through Friday. The telephone number is commercial (601) 679-2520, or DSN 637-2520.

Navy regulations require all personnel to contact the Housing Referral Office before negotiating any agreement for off-base housing.

All permanent party military personnel, pay grade E-1 and above, with accompanying dependents are eligible for family housing. You are encouraged to contact the Housing Office as soon as you possibly can.

Service members will continue to come to the Navy Family Housing Office to complete a housing application package. The Navy Family Housing personnel will review your eligibility and determine your entitlement and then refer you to BBC for actual assignment. To apply for PPV housing, you must supply the following documents: A completed DD Form 1746 (Housing Application), a copy of your orders to NAS Meridian, and a copy of your Page 2 or RED (Record of Emergency Data).

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