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Installation Overview --Naval Air Station, Meridian, Mississippi


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Location/Driving Directions
Installation Overview --Naval Air Station, Meridian, Mississippi

Naval Air Station, Meridian Mississippi is approximately 15 miles northeast of the city of Meridian, in Lauderdale County, between State Highways 39 and 45.

Meridian's airport is located in Meridian, approximately 20 miles from NAS Meridian's main gate.

Greyhound has a terminal in Meridian, located at about the same distance from the base as the airport.

Amtrak provides service to Meridian with a terminal downtown.

There is no daily bus or shuttle service from the city of Meridian to the Naval Air Station, however, one does run on weekends. Taxis charge approximately $20 for the trip out to the base.

Arriving by personal vehicle on I-20/59 puts you right in the middle of Meridian. There are signs posted detailing which exit to take. You'll end up on State Highway 39 North out of Meridian. Posted signs will direct you off Highway 39 and down the Stennis Drive access road to the NAS Meridian main gate.

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