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Installation Overview --Naval Air Station, Meridian, Mississippi


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Installation Overview --Naval Air Station, Meridian, Mississippi

Front Gate of NAS Meridian, MS

Photo courtesy U.S. Navy

Naval Air Station Meridian (NAS Meridian) is a military airport located 11 miles northeast of Meridian, Mississippi in Lauderdale County and Kemper County, and is one of the Navy's two jet strike pilot training bases. NAS Meridian supports aviation and technical training, and other tenant activities by providing services and facilities in an environmentally safe, secure community.

Meridian is a very military-friendly town, and the local community has rallied around NAS Meridian through several rounds of BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure), to prevent the base being moved or shut down. NAS leadership maintains a healthy relationship with local community leaders, and organizations such as the Navy League work to support the local military personnel.

NAS Meridian is quite large, measuring approximately 8,000 acres of land with an additional 4,000 acres at Outlying Field (OFL) Joe Williams Field and the target facility SEARAY.

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