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Installation Overview --Navy Fort Meade, Maryland


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Installation Overview --Navy Fort Meade, Maryland
Photo courtesy of U.S. Navy

There are permanent bachelor officer and senior enlisted housing accommodations on Ft. Meade through the Post Billeting Office, Brett Hall, Bldg. 4707, Ruffner Rd. Accommodations for permanent personnel consist of 62 bachelor officer housing units and 30 senior enlisted units, each containing a bedroom, living room, private bath and kitchenette. The waiting list is long, ranging from 3 to 18 months. For alternative housing options, visit the Housing Referral Office, Family Housing, Bldg. 4463, at Leonard Wood and Broadfoot Roads. 410-305-1044

Priority assignment of bachelor officer and senior enlisted quarters is based primarily on category of personnel and date of application or reservation for quarters. For more information, call 301-677-6529/5884.

The Navy's Bachelor Quarters office is open for check-in Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. After hours, weekends and holidays, check in with the Quarterdeck for assignment to a temporary room. Member must check in at the BQ Front Desk the next business day. All unaccompanied E4 and below personnel will be assigned a room in the BQ. BAH is not authorized. E5 and E6 personnel are required to live off post. Personnel must submit a request chit to draw allowances and entitlements to live off post. E7 and above are required to live off post.

The military services have privatized their family housing. Meade-Picerne Partners, LLC, was selected by the Army to privatize Fort Meade family housing. Through this privatization effort, homes are organized into six neighborhoods with each having its own onsite management and maintenance staff. The master-planned neighborhoods are designed around greens and connected by jogging trails and bike paths. The company is replacing 2,488 existing homes, will maintain and repair 112 historic and 262 post-1995 homes, and add 308 for a total of 3,170 homes.

Current Family Housing Family quarters are authorized for military personnel in all pay grades for those who are on assignment orders for duty at Ft. Meade. Waiting lists are maintained according to bedroom requirements, the date of departure from your last duty station, and accrued priority credits for duty in restricted non-dependent areas. Waiting lists can be long, but often move quickly. It is suggested you call for information as soon as you receive orders. When you arrive and place your name on the waiting list, it will be effective on the date that you left your last command. When quarters become available only one unit will be offered. If the unit is declined, the sponsor will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list. Housing is located on Leonard Wood Road, Building 4463. For more information call 410-672-4570.

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